Stack Pack Grit Recycling Systems

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Stack Pack Recycle
Recycle Skid

Stack Pack Blast Skid
Blast Skid

Vacuum Skid
Vacuum Skid

Our stackable modular skids can be used individually or as a system, arranged side by side or stacked for confined work spaces, and have the following features:

  • Fully interchangeable top loaded filters in a vertical arrangement for natural release of dust.
  • Stainless steel control panels
  • Combo classifier air washes, screens, and magnetically separates in one pass
  • Electric motor driven vacuum and patent-pending screenveyor belt screener
  • Multiple hose vacuum inlet adaptor
  • All blast pots rated for 175psi
  • Heavy duty skid with ISO box corners for lifting eye attachments
  • Optional handrails and forklift pockets