HD Dust Collectors

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Our Heavy Duty dust collector line is available from 6,000 cfm up to 40,000 cfm and has the following features:

  • Fully interchangeable top loaded filters in a vertical arrangement for natural release of dust.
  • All HD Collectors are available with single pass Gore-Tex® HEPA rated filters
  • Pulse-jet cleaning requires 80psi of compressed air, on board air compressor optional
  • Manual clutch standard with optional automatic, hydraulic clutch upgrade
  • Available as a trailer mounted model with pintle hook, electric brakes, safety chains, leveling jack, running lights, and reflectors (except XL80)
  • Dust Removal Conveyor – inclined dust discharge screw runs length of collector hopper with enough clearance for dust to discharge into full size 55 gallon drum.
  • Dust Discharge Valve – manually operated butterfly valve with drum cover
  • Duct Connections – Duct connection adapters fit any size hose.


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