• Custom controls for any system design
  • Patented remote grit adjustment controls
  • Single pot and multi-pot arrangements
  • Blowdown/Blast/Choke safety switch to control pot functions, keeping operator out of danger

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  • Remote Choke/Blowdown control using 3-wire or ADI exclusive 4-wire Deadman switch, or even 5-wire controls to power blast lights
  • 12-24VDC power from vacuum or compressor engine battery
  • Available in other voltages
  • Special delayed blowdown option
  • Remote abrasive metering with optional “Big Mouth Choke” virtually eliminatesĀ dropping grit valve under pot

We can also custom design control panels for your current system, no matter the brand. We specialize in retrofitting complicated and undependable computer controls with our simple, easy to use controls in any voltage required.